Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving (Party)

This is our second year participating in the "Ressa Annual Pumpkin Carving Party." We learned several key elements our rookie year and thus made changes this year.

Pre-carving the pumpkins (a time-saving measure no doubt). The girls don't really remember cleaning out pumpkins, so this was quite fun. Turns out not a single one of my children wants to touch the insides. And if you force their hand to see them squirm? It's sad. So sad. But the experience has been completed. All children have cleaned out the insides of their pumpkins.

Next we learned to keep it simple. No elaborate decorations or templates. The boys drew faces that we carved out, the girls just plain drew on their pumpkins. It was the best ever!

After the carving of the pumpkins came all fun and games. The children participated in a seed spitting contest and then the adult men decided to challenge each other. Quite humorous. And proud to say that Dan tied with another friend's hubby. Then came the bobbing for apples. Also fun to watch. All in all, a great party with great friends.

I know I will look back at this time of our lives fondly. Honestly? It's exhausting and sometimes very challenging. But nights like tonight really show that it's a great moment in our lives. And we must be doing something right to be surrounded by such great people.

Twins Halloween Party

To practice with our Halloween costumes and really get into the Halloween spirit, we went to the twins club Halloween Party. The kids had so much fun!

Katie and Molly are wearing the boys' old costumes from previous years, the boys are ninjas.

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Because of the glorious fall weather, we have been able to ride our bicycles to and from work. The first day Joshua rode in the bike trailer with the girls. The rest of the time he has ridden his own bike. It is just under 2 miles to school (and we take a few detours to be safer) so the boys are riding nearly 5 miles a day (and I'm getting nearly 10!). It's been so much fun! The girls have given up naptime so if I'm lucky they fall asleep and get a quick nap in the bike trailer on the way home. It's really a win-win!

Happy 6th Birthday Thomas & Joshua

Can you believe it? My babies are six years old? *sniff*

I couldn't be prouder of those boys.

The celebrations kicked off with a family birthday party. Joshua asked for the theme of "cheetah." I maneuvered this into a jungle theme and went with it. It was lots of fun. Not my favorite cake (at all) but the kids had a great time.

The cake:
 The boys blowing out candles:
 The boys in front of the animals that were on the wall. Super cute!

Their actual birthday was celebrated with some friends at Wonderland Golf. The kids had a great time and did some mini-golf and go-carts. Thomas decided the theme would be "ninja."

 Thomas and Dan riding the go-cart behind us.