Friday, January 20, 2012


Did you think I left out a few letters for "Thomas?" Interesting.

Last week I was standing outside of school waiting to pick the boys up from Kindergarten and chatting with a mom-friend when she explained that her daughter, Brooklyn (one of the boys' favorite friends in Kindergarten), had decided her name was too long and should now be Brookie or Brooke. We laughed a little and then went home.

Flash forward to Thursday when I look at all Thomas' papers that he's bringing home. They are all marked "Thom." At first I thought he was just hurrying and didn't have enough time.

Me:  "Thomas, did you run out of time and not get to finish writing your name?"
Thomas: "No, my name is too long, so I just write Thom now."
Me: "Do you want me to call you Thom?"
Thomas: "No."
**Then I remembered Brooklyn and the fact that they are tablemates. Clearly those two are conspiring together. **
Me: "Thomas, what about Brooklyn?"
Thomas: HUGE HUGE HUGE grin on face. "Hers is shorter too."

Super cute!

Future Detective?

As I was driving to my parents recently, Thomas decided to be the peanut gallery from the backseat. He asked, "Mommy why did that sign say Speed Limit 70 M-P-H?" I explained it was the speed limit meant, etc. Then he piped in again with, "What does that orange line mean on those numbers?" Aaahhhh child, that's my speed. "But why is it over the 70 mark?"

Thank you Thomas for letting me go exactly 70. I tend to do 72-74, but this time, I got to experience being passed by semi's, trucks, and probably a GeoMetro. :) However, there were no more questions from the back, so I must assume that I am driving correctly.

**That does remind me though of a few months ago when we were driving to the library. Signs were clearly  marked warning that there was construction and the need to merge was imminent. I, of course, merged over. The truck way back decided not to and wanted to speed to the front. When he was not allowed to swerve in at the last second (yes, I hold grudges, the little old lady who missed the sign is one thing but the big truck barreling down on me is another), apparently the truck was unhappy. He looked at me and shouted, "IDIOT!" The boys, having never heard that word asked what it meant. I explained that people used the word "idot" when they were not smart enough to come up with a nicer word. (I use the same reasoning with the word "hate"). I also explained that when you use poor word choices when referring to other people, it generally says something about you. I said all of this while steaming of course! The boys decided it would be a good idea to follow the truck (who sped around us at the next opportunity) and make sure he knew that "idiot" was a poor choice of words. Thankfully we lost him.

Funny boys!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Day

Our first real snowfall of the season. We were ready! We have now spent two days outside in the snow. It is so hard for me to get to a park, let the kids sled, and then get home without someone having to go to the potty, someone getting hurt, getting too cold, bored, etc. So, instead we make our snowhill at home. Every year it gets better and bigger. : ) The kids are having a blast!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary Domrese Grandparents!!!!

As Dan and I hit our 10th wedding anniversary, his parents (6 months later) celebrate their 40th! What a milestone! To celebrate, the family went to Luigi's (our personal favorite restaurant).

**In true Domrese-fashion, I cleaned out the diaper bag and Dan grabbed it not realizing it was empty. Normally, no big deal. Unless you are put in a small-ish banquet room and your daughter has an amazingly stinky near blow-out. :( Dan literally RAN to Rite Aid about 4 blocks down and bought diapers and wipes, and the room rejoiced.

Here are some photos of the evening!