Saturday, May 30, 2009

So You Think You want Twins?

Somedays are rough...rougher than others. The girls have been on a kick lately. They love crying. This crying takes place 24/7. Then someone says to me, "Someday you'll miss it and want it back...or...Cherish these moments, they grow so fast." These people do not have twins. These people took their one child and snuggled when said child cried. That person fed and then immediately burped their baby (as opposed to the girls who sometimes get shorted). Don't get me wrong, twins are great, but this point in time is hard and takes a lot of work...and somedays it's just time to toss in the towel and start fresh tomorrow. Here's an example of one of those days.

Boys Night Out

Tonight was "boys night out." This is a day we set aside (every Friday night) that is just for the boys and mommy. It's our time to reconnect. The boys were excited all day long for daddy to get home and take the girls so we could go to Riverfront Park ALL BY OURSELVES! It was sooooo easy! I can't believe I ever complained about how hard it was with just two! We had dinner (pizza as requested by Josh), played mini-golf, rode the carousel, ate snow cones, and played in the fountain. We cannot wait for next week! Theories the boys are floating around for next week? Red Lobster, Chuck E Cheese, Riverfront Park again, Mobius, etc.

3 Sets of Twins???

I am lucky enough to have remained close with many of my friends from my childhood. One particular family lives here in Spokane. We are able to get together fairly frequently and play cards (pinochle) and let the kids play. Something I find amusing is that between the two families there are 3 sets of twins. The boys LOVE playing with Ethan and Eva (age 5 3/4). Today after we met and played at the splash pad I thought it might be a fun idea to get a picture of all of the twins. They have another little guy, Spencer, as well. Enjoy!

Summer??? Will it stay???

Oh the nice weather. Man, are we enjoying it. The idea behind having babies in spring was that the boys could play outside and I could sit and watch with babies. So far though, it's been cold and windy and inappropriate for the girls. Now though, it's beautiful! The boys are loving being outside again and are tired again at rest time and have begun taking naps more frequently.

Both boys are taking more of an interest in the girls. I try to let them hold the girls whenever I think of it. The girls, however, seem to sense their little arms and generally start freaking out immediately. Here are some pictures from the rest of this week.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capture These Moments

I wish I could bottle up some of these moments and save them for later when I can really appreciate each moment. As of now, it's just a matter of survival. The girls are now 5 weeks. Just starting to wake up and really be observant. First smiles are right around the corner! We've been trying to get out and about as much as possible. This generally means that I wait for all 4 kids to be crying and then pack everyone up and head to a park. It's great that the weather has finally warmed up!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stay Home or Persevere?

Our goal this morning? Go to Franklin Park and play. Time we got up and started preparing for the day? 8:30 AM. Time we left the house? 10:00.

I'm not sure if fate is telling me to just stay home, or if I'm suppose to buck up and just persevere. Today, I persevered. Other days, I just chalk up to a loss and start all over the next day.

This morning, I laid out the boys clothing and then sat in the living room eating my bowl of cereal when a baby started screaming. I set down my bowl and ran to the baby. Thus started the feeding/burping/changing/dressing cycle. During this time, I hear the boys go, "Uh oh, that's a BIG mess!" They had stepped in my cereal bowl, thus spilling it all over. Ugh. Baby #1 done, mess cleaned up, Baby #2 started. Meanwhile, the boys were instructed to get dressed and go potty. Joshua did as he was told, Thomas fooled around. Now, when it comes to leaving the house, it's like a finely tuned machine. One part is upset, and everything goes haywire. Once the girls are loaded into car seats, we have 10 seconds to 4 minutes of happy time before absolute hysteria hits. Therefore, it's is imperative to immediately pile into the van upon placement in car seats. Thomas, unfortunately, had not followed directions and was not dressed, nor did he have shoes on. Too bad. We left the house with him carrying his gear and the promise that I would help him once we arrived at the park. A good lesson in listening I hope. The girls had meanwhile spit up all over and were going for the 10 seconds of happiness and had already started the hysterical screaming. The screaming gets so loud that I have to yell to the boys to be heard over the screaming. We all load into the car. Thomas is upset he forgot his magnifying glass and monkey backpack. Too bad. Normally I'm a softie, but today I just wanted to get to the final destination. I had promised myself no more caffeine (to see if it helped the girls be happier) and failed as soon as we left the house...Diet Cherry Coke for me! We got to the park and Thomas looked at me, "Why do I only have one shoe?" Are you kidding me? Back home we go. Thomas' shoe is not where I saw him drop it...oh yeah, it's right next to his car seat. Ugh. Back to the park. At this point I'm thinking it might have been easier to just stay at home...but we persevere. We get to the park and unloaded and the rest of the trip is easy. I packed lunches for the boys (no reason to pack myself a lunch since I don't have enough hands or time generally). Mom called and brought me lunch and provided an extra pair of hands. The girls were nice and quiet and loved sitting in the sunshine, the boys played out all their energy. Life was good...until we got home. The boys are doing well and Thomas is actually currently asleep. Joshua is yelling at him to wake up, so that's awesome. Molly had her first blow out. Front to back neck to hairline. Awesome. However, 3/4 are sleeping, so I'm off to switch laundry and clean the kitchen. Plus, I have to shampoo the carpets after all the spilt milk this morning!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking Does the Marriage Good

Today was Thomas' filling. He did wonderfully...apparently. My total apprehension when it comes to dentistry is not helpful when it comes to these issues. I'm so grateful Dan was able to take a couple hours off and take him to the appointment. He was cuddly and groggy when he got home, and my eyes still teared up, but he did great and didn't complain throughout the day.

The girls have decided to wake up and show off their attitudes. Basically, if I'm home alone, if they are awake they are crying. If someone shows up, they automatically stop crying and either sleep or are happy and awake. It's extremely frustrating and I can't wait for them to get just a little bit older and more able to interact and be kept busy. I'm cutting down on my caffeine to see if that makes a difference too. :( Today, after rest time, the girls did their typical 'everyone scream at once for hours on end' time, and I had pretty much had enough. I yelled upstairs to the boys that we were going for a walk and they'd better get shoes and jackets on pronto. They were SO happy. After a trip around the block (with the girls each in their own sling), I decided I was brave enough to venture off to a nearby park and ran home to get a sweatshirt and lock up the house. The boys had a blast collecting acorns and were happy just running around and playing on equipment. The girls quieted down for most of the park play and only fed once and then were quiet.

Dan and I have taken to walking at night with all four kids if the weather is nice. It's inevitable we need something from the store so that's an easy destination. The boys ride in the jogger and we each sling a girl. Last night we tried slings, tonight we tried snugglies. Dan and I really enjoy it because we get a chance to walk and talk and it just feels like good quality family time. Plus, Dan pushes the jogger and slings a girl, so I'm left with just one baby which feels pretty darn nice! Here's a picture of Dan tonight. He had Molly in the snuggly and then because it was so cold, put his coat over the top of it, so she's nice and warm and tucked inside his jacket. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

43 Month Boys and 4 Week Girls

Boys at nearly 4 weeks.

Girls at 4 weeks.
The boys are 43 months today and the girls are 4 weeks. It worked out perfectly, so I tried to get pictures of all of them at some point in the day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Well Behaved Children

Some days just turn out right. We were so busy this morning and I can't be more thankful that my children all behaved when necessary.

It started off with the boys' dentist appointment. Both girls did their share of crying, but alternated so it was never overwhelming. The boys played nicely and shared with the other kids. Very impressive (until the other kid tried to share the floss that Thomas was using...yuck!). Gotta draw the line somewhere! Turns out Thomas has his first cavity. I nearly cried just upon hearing it. I realize it's not a big deal, but I am not a dentist person (as in I take valium before I go). I immediately called Dan and gave him the date of the filling so that he could take the time off to take Thomas. I would just sit there a mess and be no help at all. Please pray that this goes well for him and is not traumatizing...I'm already traumatized for him.

We then hustled down to the pediatrician for another check up on Joshua's face. His cheek got worse instead of better over the weekend, and my brother (an ER nurse) suggested we get it checked again. It's not clearly being defined as anything. He can't tell if it's ringworm, or excema, or something else. We got new medicine to try and see if it works. Ugh. Then we were sent up to the lab for a culture of his cheek cells. This was basically the lab tech scraping skin off his cheek. It took about 20 minutes to even get called in...that was neat. Probably the hardest part of the whole day. I stood in the hallway and instructed the boys to run their little hearts out, and run they did! Joshua handled the scraping like a pro. I felt so bad for him and you could tell it was hurting, but he never complained once. Afterwards though, he was really upset. It began weeping and he thought it was bleeding. It was then itching and he thought something was really wrong. Poor guy. Hopefully the cells come back as something definitive so we can treat it and be done with it.

The boys hung out while I did a quick feeding and changing of girls and then we were off again. I had promised the boys if they were well behaved and listened that they could get an ice cream cone. They were so excited!

Overall, we got lots done this morning. The girls are back to eating more regularly and not as frequently (don't get too excited, it's still VERY often, but at least I'm not always attached at this point). :) Everyone was well behaved and I got many compliments on the behavior of all 4 kiddos. PHEW! I'm exhausted!

Off to rest time now!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family Pictures

Today we got our first picture EVER of the 6 of us. It seems crazy to say that we are now a family of 6! The pictures went alright, and we ended up with a few good ones.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Halfway to the Weekend!

We're halfway there! While the week has been rough with boys perfecting the tantrum and girls deciding that they want to eat nonstop, it seems to be turning around. Monday was just a train wreck and we chalked the day up to a loss and started over on Tuesday. Tuesday might just be Joshua's favorite day of the week thus far. We met our friends at the "jumpy house." It was our first time out to a social event since the girls arrived. The boys were absolutely thrilled to be able to run and jump for an entire 2 hours! It totally wore them out too! Joshua was just happy to be with his "best friend Anna" who he hadn't seen in quite a while!

Today, mom was here. I waited all morning with all four children screaming counting my moments until she arrived. I did manage to give the girls baths and get everyone but myself dressed. The minute she arrived the girls fell fast asleep and the boys decided to play independently upstairs. Go figure. Mom and I enjoyed some adult conversation, folded laundry, and picked up around the house. Thanks mom! Grandpa Bob stopped by this afternoon and gave Thomas some much needed baseball time outside. He showed grandpa Bob how he can hit off a pitch and hit several "home runs." :)

The boys are exhausted, I'm exhausted. An early bedtime for all.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's that make such a difference in our lives!

Our day was pretty uneventful. It started off with our first time back at church since the girls were born. The girls did great and the boys even did alright. It is definitely more difficult with 4 kids, but we got several compliments afterwards, so it must've been alright!
We then got our regular doughnuts and paper afterwards and headed home. The remainder of the morning was spent outside in the backyard. The boys took a nice long nap (after Joshua showed us how well he has perfected his tantrums) and Dan ran some errands while I rested on the couch and hung out with the girls.

We woke the boys up to go to Dan's parents and had pizza and brownies and some regular ol' family time. I'm sad we missed my family this year, but hopefully I'll see them this week and get more family time.

Here are some pictures of the five grandchildren from the Domrese side. And then pictures of the grandparents with the kiddos too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warm Weather

Hooray ! It's nice outside! Thomas and daddy enjoyed a game of baseball while I cooked dinner last night...cute!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pictures of Molly & Kaitlyn

Here is a link to the slideshow provided by Jaidean Baker, the photographer. Feel free to give your favorites as we are loving them all!

2 Week Check Up

The girls are now two weeks old. They are both starting to lift up their heads, not in a good sort of way, but in that uncontrolled fashion where you think they might headbang your shoulder at any given point in time. Here are their stats:

Kaitlyn- 7#11 (25%), 21" (75%), head- 13 3/4 (25%)
Molly- 6#5 (10%), 21" (75%), head- 13 1/2 (20%)

Both girls got their 2nd PKU done today. It was a traumatic day for Kaitlyn. She spent the entire ride to the dr office crying hysterically. I got her nursed and calmed down just in time for the appt. Once naked on the scale, she again lost it. Poor girl. Then came the dreaded heel poke for the PKU. Molly went first and handled it like a champ. She cried and then was able to calm herself really quickly. Kaitlyn was beyond done. She was totally insulted that we dare mess with her again. She calmed quickly, but remained ticked that we had disturbed her again.
Josh has been fighting a dreaded cold. How do we get a cold when we've stayed away? ARG! We haven't had to nebulize yet, but this morning he woke up complaining that his neck hurt. Poor kid. After being dosed, he felt much better and was able to cope with the day. Thomas appears to be getting it as well, so I'm really glad today is Friday and I have Dan home for the weekend.
Here's some pictures for all who have asked!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Newborn Pictures

The girls got their pictures taken today by a great photographer. I'll post more info when we get the sneak peek. The girls were quite a handful and showed their true temperments. Both girls required multiple feedings and tush wipes but I'm hoping for some great pictures. After the photoshoot the cousins wanted to hold the girls and get some pictures. CUTE! After we got home, the girls were exhausted and fell asleep on the floor.

3 1/2 Years

Here are the boys at 3 1/2 years. I did the post with their update, but neglected to add a picture. It was too cute to just add to that post, so I put it here too! :)