Saturday, May 30, 2009

So You Think You want Twins?

Somedays are rough...rougher than others. The girls have been on a kick lately. They love crying. This crying takes place 24/7. Then someone says to me, "Someday you'll miss it and want it back...or...Cherish these moments, they grow so fast." These people do not have twins. These people took their one child and snuggled when said child cried. That person fed and then immediately burped their baby (as opposed to the girls who sometimes get shorted). Don't get me wrong, twins are great, but this point in time is hard and takes a lot of work...and somedays it's just time to toss in the towel and start fresh tomorrow. Here's an example of one of those days.


The Butterfields said...

wow, Molly is PISSED!!
sorry, buddy... you can call whenever you need to, and I can bring dessert whenever... we'll have to do it with all the kiddos, but we can toss the big ones outside?

Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

Wow, I was really starting to believe those girls were angels despite all your posts of crying bouts! Now I see what's really going on! lol Are they just upset that they're not being held? Have we spoiled them already?? :)

Domrese Family Blog said...

I knew posting that would show you two! :) That's their morning routine. They cry from about 8-10 AM if not being held and actively rocked or fed. I think it's just their tummies and the fact that they can't really DO anything, so just sitting in their bouncy seat they are bored. Plus, I have to make breakfast for the boys so they are pissed about the lack of attention. :)