Monday, May 18, 2009

Well Behaved Children

Some days just turn out right. We were so busy this morning and I can't be more thankful that my children all behaved when necessary.

It started off with the boys' dentist appointment. Both girls did their share of crying, but alternated so it was never overwhelming. The boys played nicely and shared with the other kids. Very impressive (until the other kid tried to share the floss that Thomas was using...yuck!). Gotta draw the line somewhere! Turns out Thomas has his first cavity. I nearly cried just upon hearing it. I realize it's not a big deal, but I am not a dentist person (as in I take valium before I go). I immediately called Dan and gave him the date of the filling so that he could take the time off to take Thomas. I would just sit there a mess and be no help at all. Please pray that this goes well for him and is not traumatizing...I'm already traumatized for him.

We then hustled down to the pediatrician for another check up on Joshua's face. His cheek got worse instead of better over the weekend, and my brother (an ER nurse) suggested we get it checked again. It's not clearly being defined as anything. He can't tell if it's ringworm, or excema, or something else. We got new medicine to try and see if it works. Ugh. Then we were sent up to the lab for a culture of his cheek cells. This was basically the lab tech scraping skin off his cheek. It took about 20 minutes to even get called in...that was neat. Probably the hardest part of the whole day. I stood in the hallway and instructed the boys to run their little hearts out, and run they did! Joshua handled the scraping like a pro. I felt so bad for him and you could tell it was hurting, but he never complained once. Afterwards though, he was really upset. It began weeping and he thought it was bleeding. It was then itching and he thought something was really wrong. Poor guy. Hopefully the cells come back as something definitive so we can treat it and be done with it.

The boys hung out while I did a quick feeding and changing of girls and then we were off again. I had promised the boys if they were well behaved and listened that they could get an ice cream cone. They were so excited!

Overall, we got lots done this morning. The girls are back to eating more regularly and not as frequently (don't get too excited, it's still VERY often, but at least I'm not always attached at this point). :) Everyone was well behaved and I got many compliments on the behavior of all 4 kiddos. PHEW! I'm exhausted!

Off to rest time now!

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