Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walking Does the Marriage Good

Today was Thomas' filling. He did wonderfully...apparently. My total apprehension when it comes to dentistry is not helpful when it comes to these issues. I'm so grateful Dan was able to take a couple hours off and take him to the appointment. He was cuddly and groggy when he got home, and my eyes still teared up, but he did great and didn't complain throughout the day.

The girls have decided to wake up and show off their attitudes. Basically, if I'm home alone, if they are awake they are crying. If someone shows up, they automatically stop crying and either sleep or are happy and awake. It's extremely frustrating and I can't wait for them to get just a little bit older and more able to interact and be kept busy. I'm cutting down on my caffeine to see if that makes a difference too. :( Today, after rest time, the girls did their typical 'everyone scream at once for hours on end' time, and I had pretty much had enough. I yelled upstairs to the boys that we were going for a walk and they'd better get shoes and jackets on pronto. They were SO happy. After a trip around the block (with the girls each in their own sling), I decided I was brave enough to venture off to a nearby park and ran home to get a sweatshirt and lock up the house. The boys had a blast collecting acorns and were happy just running around and playing on equipment. The girls quieted down for most of the park play and only fed once and then were quiet.

Dan and I have taken to walking at night with all four kids if the weather is nice. It's inevitable we need something from the store so that's an easy destination. The boys ride in the jogger and we each sling a girl. Last night we tried slings, tonight we tried snugglies. Dan and I really enjoy it because we get a chance to walk and talk and it just feels like good quality family time. Plus, Dan pushes the jogger and slings a girl, so I'm left with just one baby which feels pretty darn nice! Here's a picture of Dan tonight. He had Molly in the snuggly and then because it was so cold, put his coat over the top of it, so she's nice and warm and tucked inside his jacket. :)

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