Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Halfway to the Weekend!

We're halfway there! While the week has been rough with boys perfecting the tantrum and girls deciding that they want to eat nonstop, it seems to be turning around. Monday was just a train wreck and we chalked the day up to a loss and started over on Tuesday. Tuesday might just be Joshua's favorite day of the week thus far. We met our friends at the "jumpy house." It was our first time out to a social event since the girls arrived. The boys were absolutely thrilled to be able to run and jump for an entire 2 hours! It totally wore them out too! Joshua was just happy to be with his "best friend Anna" who he hadn't seen in quite a while!

Today, mom was here. I waited all morning with all four children screaming counting my moments until she arrived. I did manage to give the girls baths and get everyone but myself dressed. The minute she arrived the girls fell fast asleep and the boys decided to play independently upstairs. Go figure. Mom and I enjoyed some adult conversation, folded laundry, and picked up around the house. Thanks mom! Grandpa Bob stopped by this afternoon and gave Thomas some much needed baseball time outside. He showed grandpa Bob how he can hit off a pitch and hit several "home runs." :)

The boys are exhausted, I'm exhausted. An early bedtime for all.

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