Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nevus Appointment 2012

Joshua had a follow-up appointment with his nevus specialist this week and Dan had to stay for drill, so the kids and I loaded up and headed over to Seattle.

We left a day early so that we could have a day at the zoo. So much fun!

This picture pretty much sums up Katie's attitude about the day. :)

It's no secret I'm raising monkeys

The boys got to feed elephants. It was the most frustrating experience. Katie really wanted to feed the elephants too. But for Molly to accompany us inside the gates but NOT feed the elephants I still had to pay $5 for her and me. Or, I could leave her unattended and out of my sight. Um, no. So the girls and I stayed outside the gate, a nice father behind the boys kept track of them when they were away from me, and the zoo person took pictures of the boys since I couldn't be in there. We were going to go feed the giraffes, but I was uncomfortable leaving the boys unattended while I took the girls in, so we didn't do it. Molly is devastated. I've promised her next time she gets to do it no matter what.

Sometimes a big brother is better than a mama.

Joshua was our tour-guide for the day. In fact, both boys carried around maps and led us to their desired locations. I think we walked around the zoo FOUR times seeing everything we could mulitple times!

The day at the zoo was awesome!!!! We had so much fun!
The next day was Joshua's nevus appointment. In December, when we were there for our check-up, Joshua's lymph nodes were very enlarged. Because of this, we followed up with his regular doctor until our follow-up. Bloodwork and such proved that it was just winter bugs that he was fighting.

This appointment was to A) set us up for summer yearly appointments instead of winter appointments, which will be safer for crossing the pass and B) to check those lymph nodes.

The doctor was happy with his lymph nodes. They are still there, but much smaller. His nevus is growing proportionally with his head and is perfect. They are very happy with his progress. Thus, we are clear! We go back yearly for our checkup, but the worry is put to rest for now.

After the appointment we stayed in Seattle for cousin Jamison's 6th birthday party which was loads  of fun for the kids!

This is Thomas eating a doughnut off a string. Hilarious!

After a few fun-filled days in Seattle we headed home. All was well until we got to an accident right at the summit of the pass. The children were not thrilled to sit in the car for an extended period of time without moving. But eventually we made it through the wreck and then the traffic and we arrived HOME! We were all happy to be back at home! What a great trip!

Triathlon/Dance Recital/Domrese Gathering 2012

Lucky for us the boys' triathlon fell on the same day as Joshua's dance recital. And after all that was the Domrese Family Gathering for June birthdays! That meant we got some real quality family time running all over Spokane!

The morning started with the triathlon.

The girls made a sign
Joshua showed me his mean mug
The boys got tired of posing for pictures

They did a great job and both crossed the finish line with smiles on their faces

After that, we ran quickly to Joshua's dance recital. The children were tired but managed the two hours of recital beautifully. No pictures allowed, but here's his formal picture in his recital costume.

Following the recital, we ran home for a quick rest and loaded up for the park gathering with the Domrese family. The most fun was playing tennis. The kids had a blast!

The last day of Kindergarten...sniff

My babies are growing up! I'm not ready!!!! They've officially graduated from Kindergarten.

Last day of school picture with Mrs. Su.llivan

After school we rushed to their old school to say good-bye to that kindergarten teacher as well.

I'm excited for first grade, but nervous to lose my little boys for the full day! It will be quite the change for those little sisters too!!!

Grandpa Bob Update

Grandpa Bob had a toe amputated due to a diabetes-related infection in May. Shortly after getting home my oldest brother and I watched him have a TIA (a minor stroke). The effects from the stroke came and resolved themselves within the hour. The doctors couldn't find anything and sent him home.

A week later, mom and I were at McDonald's with him and the kids when he had another TIA. This one was more intense, but again, the effects came and then resolved themselves quickly. Again, the doctor's found nothing.

Fast forward one more week and dad had yet another stroke. When mom got home she could see that the effects from this stroke were not resolving themselves. A few days later he went to the hospital where they could see the stroke had occurred in the pons. After several more tests and some days in the hospital, the doctor's could see that the only two arteries supplying blood to the brain were in critical condition, and not only that but they are calcified (envision an icicle). If they were to put a stent in to help blood flow it could crack the artery and be irreparable.

The second opinion meeting is next week. They do believe the stents might be a viable option. For me, that means a third opinion since the diagnoses are so different (and the possible results so extreme). We'll see what happens.

For now, we enjoy every day with dad not knowing when the next stroke will come. We pray for strength and direction.