Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grandpa Bob Update

Grandpa Bob had a toe amputated due to a diabetes-related infection in May. Shortly after getting home my oldest brother and I watched him have a TIA (a minor stroke). The effects from the stroke came and resolved themselves within the hour. The doctors couldn't find anything and sent him home.

A week later, mom and I were at McDonald's with him and the kids when he had another TIA. This one was more intense, but again, the effects came and then resolved themselves quickly. Again, the doctor's found nothing.

Fast forward one more week and dad had yet another stroke. When mom got home she could see that the effects from this stroke were not resolving themselves. A few days later he went to the hospital where they could see the stroke had occurred in the pons. After several more tests and some days in the hospital, the doctor's could see that the only two arteries supplying blood to the brain were in critical condition, and not only that but they are calcified (envision an icicle). If they were to put a stent in to help blood flow it could crack the artery and be irreparable.

The second opinion meeting is next week. They do believe the stents might be a viable option. For me, that means a third opinion since the diagnoses are so different (and the possible results so extreme). We'll see what happens.

For now, we enjoy every day with dad not knowing when the next stroke will come. We pray for strength and direction.

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