Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 Month Stats

I took the girls in for their one-year check up (a little early). This was just a wellness check as they get all their shots at 15-months. Thankfully since we've all been a little sick. Here are the stats:


Weight- 18#13 (25th%)

Height- 30" (90th%)

Head Circumference- 18 1/2 (95th%)


Weight- 20#7 (50th%)

Height- 30 1/2" (95th%)

Head Circumference- 18" (75th%)

The good news? Molly looks great. The bad news? Katie? Not so much. Katie is on her third ear infection of the year. AUGH! She also has a little eye infection. Something that started off as a little bit of goobers in her eyes has turned into something more sinister. After nap, her eyes were swollen shut and red. So sad. Here is a picture of her tonight after her eye drops and looking much better, although still swollen and red. Poor baby.

Spring Break

Amazing how your place in life changes your perspective on Spring Break!

When I was a student and then a teacher, I looked forward to Spring Break. Counted the days. Lived every moment of Spring Break excited for that week.

Then I became a mom with young babies. I dreaded spring break. It meant that everywhere I went there were big kids and more people. Our favorite haunts were full (the science museum, the mall play area, even parks!).

Now, as a mom of preschoolers (school-age children if you will), I dread it even more! It's a week where my schedule is in upheaval. I definitely have more quality time with my kiddos and am enjoying our relaxing mornings, but I miss the routine. I SERIOUSLY miss the boys having someone else to bounce their voices off of. While adorable, those kids talk NON STOP!

I can't wait to see what the next stage of Spring Break is!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dan must have some strong genetics. The kids can do things I can't do. Both Joshua and Katie can pop their jaws in and out. It's very alarming. Gotta be Dan. The boys like to make the number four with their fingers by putting their pinky down and leaving the other four fingers up. I can only do this with one hand. My right hand is apparently not flexible enough? Gotta be Dan. And Thomas has perfected the belly roll. Again, gotta be Dan.

Strict Orders

The girls decided for two days straight that they were not going to nap. AT. ALL. It was awful. At the end of day two I had a meeting, so I left Dan with the kiddos and gave him strict instructions. Dinner, play time, and bed. He only had an hour. 15 minutes into my meeting, I got a photo sent to me via my phone.

Ice Cream...Yum....

Ben and Jerry's offered free ice cream. What's a mom with four kids gonna do but pack up the kids, pick up grandma and head to the ice cream? We do it every year. This was the girls' first time having ice cream to themselves (well to be honest, they had frozen yogurt) and boy were they happy. The boys were in hog heaven as well. And grandma and I got a nice quiet conversation in the mean time.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dare I Even Say It?

Do I even admit it's true? Baby D is walking. That's right, the youngest of the four. Katie is walking. It's not the full on walking, but she figured it out today and is quite proud of it. Most of the day was spent with her holding my hand and us walking around. Any break in our walks was spent with her walking to me from some location. She got at least 10 steps in more than once today, so I'm writing it down in her baby book as walking. See...watch!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Asleep On A Book

This morning we met up with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Lyle. The boys adore their great grandparents and, as always, had a fantastic time.

Today the girls were absolutely exhausted. We had played all day long and they were done. I put them in their cribs and followed my general rule of thumb. Do laundry and then if they are still crying, go rock and cuddle. After I switched laundry I could hear them crying, but it was muffled, so I knew they were laying down. After a couple minutes it was silent. When I went in, this is what I saw. Sweet Molly snuggling with her lamb from Grandma Alice and Grandpa Lyle. And Katie asleep on a book. So asleep that her tears helped seal her face to it, so she cried when I took it out from under her.


Wow, such sweet memories. The boys wanted to see their birthday cake from when they turned three. I searched back in the blog for that birthday party. In the process, we read a variety of blog entries that were both heart-warming and hilarious. I kept calling Dan in to hear a tidbit or see how little the boys looked. Oh my! It is just a reminder to keep writing the little things. We don't remember a lot of the stories and they are so amazing! I'll do better!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Many Activities Can You Do In One Day?

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

We thought today would be quiet because we had to skip swim lessons due to the stitches. The day just filled right up!

First we went to the Twins Club Easter Party. The girls needed to nap, so it was a boys and mommy event. Much needed! The boys had a fantastic time. I'm not sure what they enjoyed the most, the Easter Egg Hunt itself or the ring toss, or even the temporary tattoos!

We then ran home and ate a quick lunch and went to the neighbors house for a birthday party. The boys ran and ran and ran and ran.

Uncle Adam came over and took out Joshua's stitches. No pictures as we were all on pins and needles watching. Thomas might have been sitting the closest of all. He stroked Joshua's forehead and was a little bit in the way watching it all take place. I think the house is just happier now that those stitches are out!

To celebrate we went to Mongolian Grill for dinner. Unfortunately Joshua was set on eating at Spaghetti Factory (my kind of kid!). The meltdown that occurred is not one we prefer to repeat or see again (then again, not that uncommon right now either). We eventually got him an appetizer pizza and the world was at peace again.

All kids sleep peacefully now after a fun-adventure-filled day. Phew! Now to gear up for tomorrow! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wondering what the stitches look like? Here's the best picture I can get.

This week has been full of outside playtime. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! The girls are getting easier (they love playing outside, the can crawl around in the grass, and they are easily entertained) and harder (they crawl into EVERYTHING, they get filthy, they now hate being inside).

At school this week they had "donuts with daddy" day. Dan went in a bit before school and had doughnuts with the boys and read stories with them. The boys absolutely loved it and it's always fun to see what the boys are doing in their classroom.

After such a long and active week, we are all sleeping very well at night.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from my little leprechauns to yours!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stitches, Round 1

I say Round 1 because we get 4 rounds as a family with four kids. I have, in the goodness of my heart, given each kid one free round at stitches. It's a part of life, I have rough and tough boys and (probably) girls. Each can get stitches once. Then we're done. I don't like the ER, I don't like stitches, I don't like watching my babes in pain. So you get once.

Joshua decided today was his 'once.' We went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and then hoofed it back to the car. The boys were exhausted. We were 2 minutes from home, 10 minutes from a bathroom. Joshua decided he had to go bathroom. We loaded the three other kids while trying to convince him he needed to get in so we could get him home. Once all kids were buckled in, we sat in our seats once again telling him to get buckled up. Dan put the car in gear and lectured on what happens if you don't wear your seat belt. He then tapped the brake (harder than I'm guessing he intended) and Joshua flew forward into the center console.

It was astoundingly hard seeing as how we were still in our parking spot. Granted, that kid has no grace, but fly he did. Dan immediately picked him up and pulled him into the drivers seat to assess. Blood. Everywhere. He stated, "We are going to the hospital."Not one to disagree when Dan says hospital, I pulled Joshua into my lap (attempting successfully to seal the gushing blood) and instructed Dan to drive. We pulled in and I ran in with Joshua while Dan found a parking spot. They immediately guazed his face and we proceeded to wait a bit. Stitches were determined necessary (much to our dismay) and we started with some numbing cream. I then ran the other kids home (meeting my mom there) as the girls were an hour past naptime. Thomas and I discussed Joshua on the way home.

I ran back to the hospital (at an alarming rate of speed...sorry fellow drivers) and ran, no sprinted, to the room. I got there just as they were starting and traded Dan spots (seeing him already nearly passing out was enough for me!). Joshua was AMAZING! He didn't cry. He didn't care that he was wrapped up like a burrito and couldn't move. He just sat there. I shielded my eyes from the stitches and talked to him all the way through it. He was SOOOOOOOOO good!!!!

We got home, Thomas came out of his room and immediately teared up. The concern was overwhelming to watch. They circled each other, hugged each other, and Thomas just touched Joshua and asked if he was ok. We teared up a little just watching the reunion. Thomas had been scared while we were gone. They quickly reunited and both were back to their old selves quickly.

So, we survived. No pictures yet. It's bandaged up and I'd rather not worry about it yet. I'll take pictures when we change bandaids. As for now, all is good.

Round 1....ding ding ding!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Man, I love Cost.co. What a great store. It's the one place I will grocery shop and take all four kids with me. I can fit the girls in the seats of the cart and if necessary put the boys in the basket or underneath. Pure heaven. I can find them samples and then just dilly-dally around to my hearts content. Love it!

When I had just the boys it was easy. Now with all four, we get all sorts of looks. And I'll admit that when we are in public, I dress each set identically. This might seem weird, but there are multiple reasons. 1) If they are dressed differently there are many MANY arguments about why one is wearing a 'cooler' outfit. 2) If I lose one, I can pull the other one over and say, "He/She is wearing this, just with a different head on the shoulders." Simplifying life, right?!

So, people always ask if they are two sets of twins because they are dressed the same. The elderly folk especially fawn over all four kids. We usually get extra samples, or the boys make special requests (without butter/sauce/cream, cut special, etc). As soon as I had four kids, people started complimenting the boys on their good behavior for a busy mama. Then, people would actually open a box of something they were buying (cookies, fruit snacks, anything) and give the boys a treat for being so good. This happens every single time we are at Cost.co. It's hilarious. Today, was a bit of a bigger treat for the boys. No one gave them anything! But afterwards we got our lunch. The eating area was crowded as usual. We asked an elderly gentleman sitting by himself if we could share the table with him (poor guy). We were surrounded by grandma's and grandpa's adoring the kids. The boys ate their hot dogs and strawberries (purchased during our shopping excursion). Then as the people at the tables surrounding us began to leave they all stopped by to say hi to the kids, compliment them, and give them MONEY! It was just coins, but I was astounded. They were impressed that the boys sat so well, ate so well, and followed directions so well. And the boys were paid off!

Can't think of a better trip to Cost.co!