Friday, March 5, 2010


Man, I love What a great store. It's the one place I will grocery shop and take all four kids with me. I can fit the girls in the seats of the cart and if necessary put the boys in the basket or underneath. Pure heaven. I can find them samples and then just dilly-dally around to my hearts content. Love it!

When I had just the boys it was easy. Now with all four, we get all sorts of looks. And I'll admit that when we are in public, I dress each set identically. This might seem weird, but there are multiple reasons. 1) If they are dressed differently there are many MANY arguments about why one is wearing a 'cooler' outfit. 2) If I lose one, I can pull the other one over and say, "He/She is wearing this, just with a different head on the shoulders." Simplifying life, right?!

So, people always ask if they are two sets of twins because they are dressed the same. The elderly folk especially fawn over all four kids. We usually get extra samples, or the boys make special requests (without butter/sauce/cream, cut special, etc). As soon as I had four kids, people started complimenting the boys on their good behavior for a busy mama. Then, people would actually open a box of something they were buying (cookies, fruit snacks, anything) and give the boys a treat for being so good. This happens every single time we are at It's hilarious. Today, was a bit of a bigger treat for the boys. No one gave them anything! But afterwards we got our lunch. The eating area was crowded as usual. We asked an elderly gentleman sitting by himself if we could share the table with him (poor guy). We were surrounded by grandma's and grandpa's adoring the kids. The boys ate their hot dogs and strawberries (purchased during our shopping excursion). Then as the people at the tables surrounding us began to leave they all stopped by to say hi to the kids, compliment them, and give them MONEY! It was just coins, but I was astounded. They were impressed that the boys sat so well, ate so well, and followed directions so well. And the boys were paid off!

Can't think of a better trip to!


Carissalayla said...

why are you putting a period between cost and co?
is it Costco or

Juli said...

That is a nice break! How funny that people were giving them money...they loved that I bet! LOL! :)