Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stitches, Round 1

I say Round 1 because we get 4 rounds as a family with four kids. I have, in the goodness of my heart, given each kid one free round at stitches. It's a part of life, I have rough and tough boys and (probably) girls. Each can get stitches once. Then we're done. I don't like the ER, I don't like stitches, I don't like watching my babes in pain. So you get once.

Joshua decided today was his 'once.' We went to the St. Patrick's Day Parade and then hoofed it back to the car. The boys were exhausted. We were 2 minutes from home, 10 minutes from a bathroom. Joshua decided he had to go bathroom. We loaded the three other kids while trying to convince him he needed to get in so we could get him home. Once all kids were buckled in, we sat in our seats once again telling him to get buckled up. Dan put the car in gear and lectured on what happens if you don't wear your seat belt. He then tapped the brake (harder than I'm guessing he intended) and Joshua flew forward into the center console.

It was astoundingly hard seeing as how we were still in our parking spot. Granted, that kid has no grace, but fly he did. Dan immediately picked him up and pulled him into the drivers seat to assess. Blood. Everywhere. He stated, "We are going to the hospital."Not one to disagree when Dan says hospital, I pulled Joshua into my lap (attempting successfully to seal the gushing blood) and instructed Dan to drive. We pulled in and I ran in with Joshua while Dan found a parking spot. They immediately guazed his face and we proceeded to wait a bit. Stitches were determined necessary (much to our dismay) and we started with some numbing cream. I then ran the other kids home (meeting my mom there) as the girls were an hour past naptime. Thomas and I discussed Joshua on the way home.

I ran back to the hospital (at an alarming rate of speed...sorry fellow drivers) and ran, no sprinted, to the room. I got there just as they were starting and traded Dan spots (seeing him already nearly passing out was enough for me!). Joshua was AMAZING! He didn't cry. He didn't care that he was wrapped up like a burrito and couldn't move. He just sat there. I shielded my eyes from the stitches and talked to him all the way through it. He was SOOOOOOOOO good!!!!

We got home, Thomas came out of his room and immediately teared up. The concern was overwhelming to watch. They circled each other, hugged each other, and Thomas just touched Joshua and asked if he was ok. We teared up a little just watching the reunion. Thomas had been scared while we were gone. They quickly reunited and both were back to their old selves quickly.

So, we survived. No pictures yet. It's bandaged up and I'd rather not worry about it yet. I'll take pictures when we change bandaids. As for now, all is good.

Round 1....ding ding ding!


Nicole said...

Ah, poor guy! That twin bond is strong....ask Thomas. How sweet. I'm glad Joshua is okay!

Jolene said...

You're quite generous. I won't allow my girls even one set of stitches, I forbid it. lol They had better obey me on that.

Glad he's all fixed up!

Juli said...

Ouch! Poor Joshua, that would have brave too! That's so nice that they have such a strong bond, I bet Thomas was worried.