Sunday, March 21, 2010

Asleep On A Book

This morning we met up with Grandma Alice and Grandpa Lyle. The boys adore their great grandparents and, as always, had a fantastic time.

Today the girls were absolutely exhausted. We had played all day long and they were done. I put them in their cribs and followed my general rule of thumb. Do laundry and then if they are still crying, go rock and cuddle. After I switched laundry I could hear them crying, but it was muffled, so I knew they were laying down. After a couple minutes it was silent. When I went in, this is what I saw. Sweet Molly snuggling with her lamb from Grandma Alice and Grandpa Lyle. And Katie asleep on a book. So asleep that her tears helped seal her face to it, so she cried when I took it out from under her.

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