Tuesday, March 30, 2010

11 Month Stats

I took the girls in for their one-year check up (a little early). This was just a wellness check as they get all their shots at 15-months. Thankfully since we've all been a little sick. Here are the stats:


Weight- 18#13 (25th%)

Height- 30" (90th%)

Head Circumference- 18 1/2 (95th%)


Weight- 20#7 (50th%)

Height- 30 1/2" (95th%)

Head Circumference- 18" (75th%)

The good news? Molly looks great. The bad news? Katie? Not so much. Katie is on her third ear infection of the year. AUGH! She also has a little eye infection. Something that started off as a little bit of goobers in her eyes has turned into something more sinister. After nap, her eyes were swollen shut and red. So sad. Here is a picture of her tonight after her eye drops and looking much better, although still swollen and red. Poor baby.

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