Saturday, March 20, 2010

How Many Activities Can You Do In One Day?

Busy, busy, busy!!!!

We thought today would be quiet because we had to skip swim lessons due to the stitches. The day just filled right up!

First we went to the Twins Club Easter Party. The girls needed to nap, so it was a boys and mommy event. Much needed! The boys had a fantastic time. I'm not sure what they enjoyed the most, the Easter Egg Hunt itself or the ring toss, or even the temporary tattoos!

We then ran home and ate a quick lunch and went to the neighbors house for a birthday party. The boys ran and ran and ran and ran.

Uncle Adam came over and took out Joshua's stitches. No pictures as we were all on pins and needles watching. Thomas might have been sitting the closest of all. He stroked Joshua's forehead and was a little bit in the way watching it all take place. I think the house is just happier now that those stitches are out!

To celebrate we went to Mongolian Grill for dinner. Unfortunately Joshua was set on eating at Spaghetti Factory (my kind of kid!). The meltdown that occurred is not one we prefer to repeat or see again (then again, not that uncommon right now either). We eventually got him an appetizer pizza and the world was at peace again.

All kids sleep peacefully now after a fun-adventure-filled day. Phew! Now to gear up for tomorrow! :)


Juli said...

Wow! That makes me tired just reading it! Busy day...glad all ended well. :)

Kelly said...

We had a busy day like that yesterday too. I LOVE Mongolian Grill and the only way we get to go is if Zack gets the pizza too. LOL Glad you guys had a good day, hope the boys slept well at least.