Friday, May 8, 2009

2 Week Check Up

The girls are now two weeks old. They are both starting to lift up their heads, not in a good sort of way, but in that uncontrolled fashion where you think they might headbang your shoulder at any given point in time. Here are their stats:

Kaitlyn- 7#11 (25%), 21" (75%), head- 13 3/4 (25%)
Molly- 6#5 (10%), 21" (75%), head- 13 1/2 (20%)

Both girls got their 2nd PKU done today. It was a traumatic day for Kaitlyn. She spent the entire ride to the dr office crying hysterically. I got her nursed and calmed down just in time for the appt. Once naked on the scale, she again lost it. Poor girl. Then came the dreaded heel poke for the PKU. Molly went first and handled it like a champ. She cried and then was able to calm herself really quickly. Kaitlyn was beyond done. She was totally insulted that we dare mess with her again. She calmed quickly, but remained ticked that we had disturbed her again.
Josh has been fighting a dreaded cold. How do we get a cold when we've stayed away? ARG! We haven't had to nebulize yet, but this morning he woke up complaining that his neck hurt. Poor kid. After being dosed, he felt much better and was able to cope with the day. Thomas appears to be getting it as well, so I'm really glad today is Friday and I have Dan home for the weekend.
Here's some pictures for all who have asked!

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Linda Holbrook said...

Oh my gosh they are SO cute!!! I can't wait to see them in person :)