Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's that make such a difference in our lives!

Our day was pretty uneventful. It started off with our first time back at church since the girls were born. The girls did great and the boys even did alright. It is definitely more difficult with 4 kids, but we got several compliments afterwards, so it must've been alright!
We then got our regular doughnuts and paper afterwards and headed home. The remainder of the morning was spent outside in the backyard. The boys took a nice long nap (after Joshua showed us how well he has perfected his tantrums) and Dan ran some errands while I rested on the couch and hung out with the girls.

We woke the boys up to go to Dan's parents and had pizza and brownies and some regular ol' family time. I'm sad we missed my family this year, but hopefully I'll see them this week and get more family time.

Here are some pictures of the five grandchildren from the Domrese side. And then pictures of the grandparents with the kiddos too!

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