Friday, June 5, 2009

Remember When?

Remember when? Remember when I was pregnant and you said, "If you ever need someone to come hold babies or play with the boys, let me know." I'm letting you know. Call me. Dan is at Guard this weekend and then working all next week. You are now officially invited over. Here's why:

The girls are now 6 weeks. Lately they've flipped a switch. We went from having easy-going happy babies to these little beings tormented when awake. They spend every waking moment crying's awful. I'm really hoping they turn it around soon and am experimenting with different things in MY diet to see if it's affecting them. Bye-bye caffeine. :(
Here's their 6 week shot...sorry it's the best I could get. :(

On the upside, the weather has been nice so we've been able to get together with lots of friends and family. Thanks to the friends who let me hand off my children as soon as we are together so that I can regain my sanity for later! You guys are amazing! This week we were really busy and did lots of activities. Our friend Greg watched the boys on Monday while I went to my 6-week check up. The boys were worn out when Greg left....hooray!!! We also went to Joshua's best friends' house (Anna) for a dinner playdate on Tuesday. This was the highlight of Joshua's week...Anna. He saw her lots and loved every minute! Wednesday we went to Audobon splash pad, and Thursday was Mobius. Today was so SO rough! Molly cried for 3 hours solid so we packed up the car and headed out. We ended up at Uncle Adam and Aunt Mere's. The boys had a blast and Mere did her "magic" thing where the girls were happy the entire time. They also came over tonight and cut down the trees in our backyard. Thanks guys! This also meant the girls were quiet again for a couple hours. I'm feeling very relieved.

**Side note: The boys and I are now addicted to Sonic...surprised? We get the apple juice slush. The boys think it's a great treat and so do I! We try and hit it on the way home from a playdate so we hit Happy Hour (2-4 PM) and get our drinks half price. It's a real treat for all of us in this hot weather!

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HJohnson said...

Man, I totally feel for you, I remember those days, and I only had 1--I can't even imagine two--you are the bravest woman I know--as soon as school is out, we will make a visit to see your lovely darlings, and the kids can all play together--and maybe you can regain a smidgen of sanity, if even for just a moment!!