Friday, June 19, 2009

It Only Took 8 Weeks

It only took 8 weeks to FINALLY figure out life with 4 kids and get into a semi-routine. The girls are awake more and happier more. They even slept 8 hours one night this week! Hooray! As long as we keep busy (which is fairly easy in the summer) we are generally a happy crew!

This week was filled with fun activities.

Tuesday I was pretty impressed with myself. We had a quiet morning and just generally hung out around the house. Then my friend Suzy called and told me they were heading to one of our favorite parks. By the time I had hung up the phone, the boys had grabbed their swim bag and lunch boxes and were waiting in their spots by the door. Even though it was noon we decided to go. We were able to get out of the house in 15 MINUTES! It was amazing! We then proceeded to spend 4 hours at the park and the boys thoroughly enjoyed playing with their friends and I got some much needed adult time. Then we met up with Dan's grandparents for dinner. A fun-filled busy day!

Wednesday we had a great playdate with some friends, Vanessa and Amber. Gotta love a girl named Amber! :) The boys had a fantastic time and enjoyed playing with all the toys. They have asked every day since if we could go back. :)

Thursday we didn't have any plans, but the boys really wanted to go to Riverfront Park. I decided it was time to take on that park by myself with all four kids. I'm proud to report that it was a great experience. We did all the rides, had lunch, and did more rides and the fountain! I did get lots of looks (especially while leaving with one baby in the stroller in a carseat, one baby in a sling, me dragging one child, and the other child in the front of the stroller carrying the car seat that is generally in that spot). Needless to say, the boys were exhausted after that!

Today was rainy and yucky. We did manage to meet the MIL and SIL's for our weekly Friday lunch. I told the boys that once we got to the park they could run and play as long as they realized their pants would get wet. Both boys needed to run out some energy. They loved playing at the park, but did not enjoy their wet pants. I did not enjoy the fact that I had just emptied the extra pants out of the diaper bag and the boys were left pants-less until we got home. Good news is that they took a nap after we got home!

Tonight was Boys' Night and we drug Auntie Kim along with us. Riverfront Park was once again our destination. We did all the rides and had a great time! Got home just in time to miss that fantastic thunder/lightning storm too!

On a fun note, the girls are getting extremely good at smiling. Molly gives up her smiles very easily and is so much fun to play with. Kaitlyn doesn't smile as often but instead talks and chats with you. So cute!!!

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The Butterfields said...

Molly looks SO chubby!! :) I love it!