Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Death and the Solar System

We've reached a new point in life of utter curiosity. I find it refreshing and extremely fun, although sometimes challenging.

One of their interests is the solar system. I have a series of books that are about the solar system, Earth, etc. We read them daily and the boys can nearly recite them word for word by themselves. On Father's Day, Thomas sat with Grandma Nancy and talked about the solar system. We asked him what planet he lives on and he replied, "Earth." Then he quickly turned to grandma and said, "Grandma, what planet do YOU live on?" It totally cracked us up! Their curiosity is amazing!

The other topic of interest in our house is death. I'm not sure how this came about, but it's something that is sticking around for now and gives us lots of up and down feelings. We've tried to explain that death is when the body is all done and broken and that people die and go to heaven. We had to call daddy last week at work because the boys had decided matter of factly that he'd died. They then told him, "I won't let you die daddy." :( We've talked about Grandpa Don and Grandma Dolly and how they are together in heaven with God. They replied, "We go to church to talk to God, so we'll talk to grandma and grandpa there too." Pretty insightful until they followed it up with, "We see Ba there too..." The boys are getting better at understanding, but thankfully have not had too many up close experiences with death. I'm thinking I might need to get them a frail fish to help them understand better.

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Kait T said...

lol - a 'frail fish'.... hahaha!