Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Smiles Just Keep Coming

The smiles just keep coming at our house. Kaitlyn and Molly will be 9 weeks tomorrow (and as a consequence will get their shots tomorrow). Both girls are smiling up a storm. Molly gives her smiles freely, Kaitlyn makes you sing and work a little more for a smile. She, however, let out her first giggle today so it's very rewarding! Kaitlyn is also quite a talker and will make sounds nonstop if you are nearby. Molly just started cooing and it is absolutely adorable!

Today we attempted and successfully completed our first Costco trip on our own. The cart was immediately full with the two car seats and in the beginning the boys road on the rack on the bottom (until we added toilet paper). The boys received lots of compliments on their great behavior and were rewarded with fruit snacks from a grandma in line. :)
I also found this new carpet cleaner device (like a Swiffer but for carpets) for our living room. Our living room carpet attracts (seriously) dirt. I shampoo it once a month and it just shows every single smudge of dirt. It's awful. I was hoping this brush cleaner would help it out. Thomas saw me using it this morning and got very excited. I told him that he was in charge of his room and that once it was clean, he could clean his carpets. He was so excited and spent the rest of the day telling Josh that he was "in charge" of their room. He did in fact clean it up and then clean the carpet and did an amazing job! Sadly, while the carpet did get cleaner, it did not get the spots out so I'll be continuing the crappy job of cleaning the carpets once a month. :(

Here's some pictures to keep you happy!


Kim said...

I cannot believe how big the girls are getting! They are so stinkin' cute! We had cream carpet when we moved in, key emphasis on had. It is now this disgusting dirt color that is just trashed. I finally gave up and we ordered new carpet. It is muticolored and WILL hide some of the mess! Thank goodness!

Domrese Family Blog said...

This carpet is horribly ridiculous. It shows spots even a day after I've cleaned it.I know people must think I never vaccuum or wash it. So annoying! We'll take out the carpet and redo the hardwoods next year hopefully.