Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls 2 Month Stats

The girls got their two month shots today. It included three shots and an oral vaccine. Dan met me there and then we pull in two nurses and do the shots at the same time. It makes it much faster and easier on the adult heart! I must've let Dan off the hook for the majority of the boys' shots because watching the girls scream through these was difficult for him. The girls did great and were easily calmed afterwards. They are currently asleep in their bouncy seats (squirming, but eyes closed). The boys also did fantastic. I prepared them for the shots and let them know exactly what would be happening. They were great and got only mildly sad when the girls were screaming afterwards. Molly had a bleeder so that was most disturbing (even the nurse was unhappy with the bleeding). *sigh*

We had the doctor check Katie's strawberry birthmark. He says it's fine and will most likely go away. We had him check Molly's skin tag (a little tiny piece of skin that sticks up on her chest), he also says this will go away. We also talked with him about Molly's inability to poop. We will now give her suppositories every 4-5 days (it's the only way she'll pooop) and I'm now off cow's milk. :( I don't really drink milk except with my cereal, but the lack of cereal means I have to cook a real breakfast every morning like I use to. The boys will at least be happy! :)


Weight- 10#5 (45%)
Height- 22 3/4 (75%)
Head Circumference- 15 1/4 (50%)

Weight- 11#5 (50%)
Height- 23 (75%)
Head Circumference- 15 (25%)

I set up their 4 month and 6 month shots as well today. Man, forgot how much I DON'T enjoy this part!!!! Hopefully the Tylenol and soon IBProfen helps the girls through the night.

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Marty, Rhenda and Anna said...

wow, they're getting so big! I hated all the vaccination shots too...ugh. I can't wait to see those beautiful girls again and catch a smile or two!