Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4 Kids at the Store

The girls turned 7 weeks today. If you haven't seen the girls in the last several days, I believe you'll notice quite a difference. Molly is really really filling out. Her face even looks a little chubby! The changes in my diet have made a drastic difference in the girls. Not drinking caffeine has made the crying lessen considerably. I may cut out milk and see if that helps too. We also started Zantac for reflux last night. I don't really think the girls necessarily have reflux, but I want to rule it out. Kaitlyn revisits most meals in mass form, but doesn't really seem to mind. Molly doesn't regurgitate as much, but is way more upset following every feeding. At this point, they get gas drops, Gripe Water, and Zantac throughout the day. Hopefully we'll see some improvement in their comfort levels.

My SIL Mere called this morning and invited us up to lunch in the Five Mile area. Who knew the Burger King up there had a play area? Not me! The boys had a blast playing with cousin Macey and I got some adult conversation. Afterwards, we tossed the girls into the stroller and walked to Joanne's to get supplies for the girls' birth announcements (yes, they are finally getting ready to be mailed out!). The girls slept through most of the shopping and the boys did great. We raided the $1 bin and found bird houses to paint, necklace kits, and magic wands the boys could color. Everyone left happy (except Thomas who wanted candy...it's a rough life). I was pretty proud of us for getting through a store without the boys in the stroller! Hooray! We CAN get out! :)

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The Butterfields said...

haha, we bought those birdhouses and necklaces on Sunday :)