Sunday, June 14, 2009

Petting Zoo and First Smiles

The girls are starting STARTING to turn a corner. The new concoction of Zantac, gas drops, Gripe Water, and apple juice is starting to pay off. The girls are still very very grumpy throughout the day, but they are starting to lay on the floor more and have more happy awake moments. When they are awake and happy we are getting those first smiles. It is SO rewarding. I could spend hours making a fool of myself just to see one simple smile. The simplest joys in life. :)

Friday was just a fabulous day. We went down to the school where I use to teach and visited all my old coworkers. Kaitlyn (Katie) was named after one of my best friends, my old co-teacher, Katie, so it was fun to see them together! The boys got to spend most of our time there with one of my first students, Aja, and were extremely sad to leave her. We'll definitely try to head down again!

The weekend was super super busy. Dan spent most of the weekend removing the debris left from tearing down the tree in the backyard. The evenings were filled with family events. Saturday we went to a BBQ celebrating both BIL's 30th birthdays. Sunday night we were invited to a petting zoo. A coworker of my mom's has a farm and invited everyone from work (and their families) to see the animals. The boys had a blast. Joshua was very brave and went into the farmyard and pet sheep, llamas, goats, etc. Thomas will tell you his favorite part was going into the chicken coop and getting his own eggs that we got to bring home. He wanted to go back in and do it again!

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