Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jogging Suits

I wanted to get a picture of the girls in their jogging suits before they outgrew them. Just barely made it! The boys had little jogging suits too! The girls are 7 weeks in their picture. The boys are 5 weeks in their picture. Oh, the sweet memories.


Kait T said...

How do you decide which baby is going to wear which adorable outfit??

Domrese Family Blog said...

Hehehehehehe. It IS a tough choice, and quite the fun one to make. I have to say it's the biggest upside to having twins is all the cute matching outfits!

Nicole said...

I can't believe how chubby the boys cheeks were! So cute. Molly is getting really big, in fact, both the girls are changing a lot. I really, really need to come visit you soon.