Sunday, June 7, 2009

Potty Training Woes

It's not that the boys have regressed in potty training, but they are PROgressing any further. They rarely have an accident, but frequently have just a little wet spot on their underwear. They have started wetting the bed (something we've avoided for a long time). So, I started something new today...this afternoon actually. Each boy starts the morning with a baggie (taped high up on the fridge) with 5 chocolate chips. Every time said boy goes potty he gets a chocolate chip. Any time there is an accident, a change of underwear, or anything of that nature, they lose a chocolate chip. I expect that they use this a million times today and then wean down to an appropriate amount. Since I began this post, Thomas has peed 3 times. But, I tell myself, it's better than washing multiple pairs of underwear day in and day out. I also want the boys to become independent. With the girls, it's harder to be at a park and take them to the potty. I want them to not need to be asked before we go somewhere. I know they will want their chocolate chip (only available at home? Still working on this part) so they will want to go before they leave somewhere. We'll work on it!

Today, I caught Thomas as a tree getting ready to pee at Upper Manito Park. Fortunately, he had decided he had to go and found a tree. Unfortunately, the tree was right next to a bench where a couple ladies were sitting watching their children play. I ran over and grabbed him before he could pee (as the ladies chuckled at me...watching me run with Kaitlyn in a sling must've been a little hilarious), and helped him find a tree not next to people.

**On a side note, the girls are doing MUCH better! Cutting stuff out of my diet has been successful thus far. We'll see if the happiness is a fluke, or whether last week was the fluke. Let's hope these happy babies continue. I will be calling to get Molly checked for reflux or stomach issues on Monday as she cries and cries after every feeding. Poor baby. It took me a while to realize this as we just ended a growth spurt, so she fed all day long, and then cried all day long. :(

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