Friday, January 20, 2012


Did you think I left out a few letters for "Thomas?" Interesting.

Last week I was standing outside of school waiting to pick the boys up from Kindergarten and chatting with a mom-friend when she explained that her daughter, Brooklyn (one of the boys' favorite friends in Kindergarten), had decided her name was too long and should now be Brookie or Brooke. We laughed a little and then went home.

Flash forward to Thursday when I look at all Thomas' papers that he's bringing home. They are all marked "Thom." At first I thought he was just hurrying and didn't have enough time.

Me:  "Thomas, did you run out of time and not get to finish writing your name?"
Thomas: "No, my name is too long, so I just write Thom now."
Me: "Do you want me to call you Thom?"
Thomas: "No."
**Then I remembered Brooklyn and the fact that they are tablemates. Clearly those two are conspiring together. **
Me: "Thomas, what about Brooklyn?"
Thomas: HUGE HUGE HUGE grin on face. "Hers is shorter too."

Super cute!

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