Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nevus Update 2011

Every December we have Joshua's nevus check-up appointment. Because he's been growing out his hair we convinced him to get it shaved short (required to have better ability to see the nevus) by giving him a mohwak!

The nevus appointment went really really well. The nevus remains normal and consistent with his growth. This appointment was the first time I've ever heard the doctor say that I shouldn't remove it. The doctor's generally list the pros and cons and tell me to decide for myself. This is gut-wrenching and always leaves me stressed out, but this time he gave me a solid answer and for that, I am so thankful!

Joshua does have some swollen lymph nodes/glands in his neck and armpits which SHOULD be related to cold/flu season, but we do have a follow-up appointment with the pediatrician to confirm this. I will be relieved to just have that section closed.

We did switch to a July appointment, so we'll have a brief follow-up in July and then switch to yearly appointments in July so that we don't have to attempt the pass not only at Christmas time, but also in the dead of winter.

But overall....GREAT APPOINTMENT!!!!

**Also, while in Seattle we spent the day at the Paci.fic Sci.ence Cent.er. The kids had a blast. Here are some of our finer moments:

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