Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Allergic Reaction?????

We did it again. We got the flu (well everyone except Joshua). Everyone was sick for about 6 days with temperatures of 102 degrees, and miserable. Then it was over!

Molly was the last one to get over the flu and her fever ended on Friday. BUT, these little spots appeared all over her body on Friday morning. Augh! I took her to the doctor for a quick peek and he said it was just a rash and to watch it.

All seemed fine. Saturday, her fever shot up to 102 and she turned a little splotchy. We stayed home from St. Patrick's Day celebrations to make sure she wasn't contagious.

Sunday morning, Molly woke up and looked MISERABLE! It took mere moments to know we were heading into Urgent Care to get checked up.Her body became sooooo swollen.  She looked like this:

It was clear she was having a reaction. Turns out she is allergic to Ibprofen! They loaded her body full of Benadryl, she took some long long naps. And she slowly got better!

Later that day:

We are a couple days post-reaction now and Molly has lost all the swelling and welts. We had a follow-up with the pediatrician and all is well. And now we know. Not doing that again!

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