Monday, May 28, 2012

6 Weeks Pt 2 (Alabama and Back Home Again)

Once in Alabama we met up with Dan for his State Oath Ceremony. The kids were so happy to see their daddy! (Dan was at school and graduated with his cousin Becca. His uncle Steve, now retired, read the State Oath to them...very special).

After that it was off to the hotel. The evening awards banquet was adults only, so Dan and I got dressed up and my mom took the kids to the pool.

The next morning we were up at at 'em early as Dan's graduation ceremony was at 7:30 (or 5:30 our time). Awesome. :( The ceremony was pretty cool.

After the ceremony they did a graduation parade. It was a lot of marching and formal line-ups and such. The kids really enjoyed it. The girls did pirouttes to the music.

We had some play-time after that and really just let the kids rest and play in the pool some more.

Dan's flight left early from Montgomery the next morning, we left way later in the afternoon from Atlanta. The trip back to Atlanta was uneventful. And the flights home were just as expected. The kids were tired but are great fliers.

Overall, a great trip.The kids did great. I could not have survived without my mom. It was perfect. And now, daddy is home. So life is good again. :)

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