Monday, March 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

The blog froze on me, for several months! I am back with a new computer and trying to play catch-up! Ack! Christmas 2012 was busy and fun. The kids are finally at an age where they are really excited to celebrate not just Christmas, but they get the meaning behind it too!

1) My hubby's family has a yearly gathering of all the cousins and while the party use to include skits, it has now evolved into a party of games and great conversation. Here is a shot of  a favorite moment. Cuncle (cousin/uncle) Corey grows a mustache through November to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Joshua won a mustache at Bingo and was so excited to look like Cuncle Corey!
2) My family gathered at Christmas time as well. Our four kids have so much fun with my brother's and all their kids. Overall, at family gatherings, there are 11 cousins all born within 8 years of each other.
Here are all the cousins in their new hat/mitten sets on the couch (matching pajamas are a tradition)
 Here are all the cousins on the stairs. They are holding a number to show their birth order.
Christmas morning is always at our house. We let the kids wake up on their own schedule and give them time to enjoy their presents. Gifts of the year? The boys received an air hockey table, the girls received an easel. There were dolls, Angry Birds, and more!

We have breakfast with Dan's family and then head to grandma Alice's for dinner. The kids love grandma Alice!
And there we have it. Christmas with the Domrese Family. It's busy, crazy, and so much fun!

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