Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Hilarious Children

My kids crack me up. After a crazy long day, we were finally eating dinner at IHOP with grandpa Bob and grandma Patti at 8:00 PM. Yes, so late. We NEVER do that! The boys were exhausted, starving, and delirious.

When given a paper menu at a restaurant, we have the boys circle what they want and then place their own order (helping them to gain independence). When asked what they wanted to drink, Joshua gave his typical "root beer" order. Thomas, on the other hand, realized it was IHOP and ordered coffee. :) So cute!!!

Thomas then placed his order. And generously placed an order for grandpa Bob as well. *Grandpa Bob changed his order. Apparently he didn't want a smiley face pancake?*

Joshua, apparently losing coordination when sleepy, fell out of his chair twice. Just sitting there and then toppled out falling into an unoccupied car seat. He definitely kept us laughing!

Katie slept the majority of the time. Molly decided to be a big girl and sat in her highchair and ate pancakes, broccoli, crackers, and cantalope. Anything put in front of her, that girl ate!

My children are hilarious.

*An exciting post and pictures to come tomorrow....

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