Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Stranger to Blogging?

Have I been a stranger? Yes! It's been busy! Apparently having mobile children makes it less likely you get to sit on the computer. :)
Since I last wrote here are the updates:
Thomas and Joshua continue to do great in school. We have started learning sight words at home. The boys are ready to learn sounds and begin reading. So exciting! They are very excited for the snow and have been playing independently outside and inside recently. So great!

Katie can now officially crawl and pull herself to standing. There is no holding that girl back! She is saying 'mama' and loves her some food. But real people food, none of that baby food mush!

Molly is now competent at sitting and can scoot if she desires. She is so laid back, something has to be well worth her while to make the effort to move. She is most content just lying on the floor with her feet and arms in the air. She's going to have some mega-ab muscles if she keeps that up! She likes to say 'dada' more than anything else. :)
Here are a few pictures to tide you over!

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