Monday, August 9, 2010

The Day That Never Ends....

Where to begin? This day has been so long, it seems it might not ever end!

We started with our bi-weekly breakfast with grandpa. It was different. A different IHOP a different feeling, everything was a little off already. Then it happened. Joshua, walking nicely in front of grandpa (who was carrying Molly) suddenly stopped. Joshua does this all the time (sometimes for no reason, today because he was looking for cars in a parking lot). Grandpa, not seeing Joshua stop in front of him, continues in motion. This causes grandpa to trip on Joshua and sends both Molly and grandpa flying. I can't tell you the gut wrenching feeling of watching your dad fall to the ground between two parked cars and your child fly in his arms also to the ground. Her head hit the cement and then her body skidded on the ground. Grandpa lay in a heap on the ground as well. I  immediately reach for Molly and offer a hand to dad. He needs time to regather. Molly cries and cries. We have a father/daughter moment in the middle of the parking lot and decide to continue on to breakfast. During breakfast Molly continues her crying. I text Dan telling him to check with doctor on protocol.

After breakfast we head to the doctor for a checkup. He does a very thorough job and is amazed that she has no bumps on her head. Only a skinned elbow. Truly amazing. Grandpa must've shielded her more than it appeared. Or there help from above. Or both.

We run home for a quick nap before heading to Grandpa Lyle's funeral. Yes, this day has just begun. The kids are amazing during the funeral. Molly cries midway through and is taken by Uncle Steve for some playtime outside. During the reception Dan notices that Molly is not only protecting her shoulder, but in pain if she uses it. Another call to the doctor's office and we leave the reception for x-rays nearby.

After xrays and while waiting for results we head to the family dinner at grandma's. Molly is fussy but handling herself alright. The call comes and it turns out she broke her elbow. The bone is difficult to splint so no cast for now. But we re-xray in 10 days and everything will be reassessed.

We finish dinner to the best of our ability and head home. The kids are exhausted. The parents are exhausted. Time to start over new. Is it tomorrow yet?

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