Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summer Fun

One of our favorite past times during the summer is just exploring parks. We have favorites and we have new parks to explore. Here are some of my favorite park shots!

We went back to the petting farm and rode ponies and fed the animals. This time Katie hated the horses and refused to ride or even get close. So much so that she went into another mom's arms (a stranger to her, not me) so that I could force Molly to ride. Once the ride started, Molly was totally content. The boys, of course, loved it.

Greenbluff is always good in theory, and never as good in execution. We just went peach picking. The boys will tell you they had a blast. The girls probably loved it as well. But chasing two babies through the rows of trees, while managing two toddlers picking peaches is not an easy task! We managed to walk away with 15 pounds of peaches (which lasted less than a week) and everyone was happy.

We recently discovered a park where butterflies are everywhere. Like tons and tons of them. Thomas is an expert at catching them. And the good news is, it totally wears him out!

Tonight we went to cousin Kierra's birthday party. Here are some fun moments.

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