Monday, September 6, 2010

What Do You Notice First?

Hopefully you notice her blue tongue, not her huge bump on her head.


Kim said...

My computer only showed me the top of her head first, so it's not a fair question! :P Her blue tongue does stand out in the whole picture! What happened?! I remember those days! I walked into our peds office at one of Preston's well child checks and asked the Dr when I should be worried because he looked so beat up from running into things and playing hard! lol.

Domrese Family Blog said...

She fell off a toy and smacked her head onthe cement. No way was I taking her to the pediatrician. She already had a broken elbow! It would look horrible! ;) We gave her a sucker to keep her awake (because she HAD to fall at bedtime). We watched her for a concussion for an hour and she's all good!

Kim said...

I'm glad she's all good! It's nice to know that not only is it just Preston who thinks that falling and bruising is good for him but that it's also not just a boy thing! lol.