Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheese! 17 Months

Can you say cheese?! The girls can! And boy are they loving hamming it up for the camera. Apparently a week ago, they decided to throw my camera in the garbage never to be seen again. This is the only thing we can assume since we have essentially taken the house apart in order to find it. Good times. Now, a week without a camera, and the girls have missed it! We are borrowing a camera for the time being and the girls followed me around tonight saying, "Cheese," and posing for pictures. Adorable! Here are the girls!

Also....17 months has quickly come upon us! Wow! The girls are almost a year and a half old. Amazing how time flies! They are both teething...still. Both are running everywhere and keeping us very much on our toes.

Katie has decided she hates her diaper. This has led to brief stints of time on the potty and several incidents of peeing on the floor. Thank goodness for hardwoods! She hates wearing a diaper, clothes, shoes, or having her hair done. Recently I've discovered that she'll wear the boys old clothes (and likes to dress like them- problem somewhat solved, thankfully I kept some of their old clothes), and if I put a few mini-marshmallows in a cup or jar with a really small opening it'll keep her busy enough while I quickly pull her hair up.

She loves to jump. She is still a mama's girl but is beginning to open up to other people.

She loves to do anything that Thomas and Joshua do and will follow them around driving them crazy.

She'll now give you kisses if you ask (especially, or maybe only, to daddy).

Molly is a ham. That girl is bound to be an actress.

Everything is dramatic, good or bad. She has the best smile, the best goofy face, and loves to entertain. She throws tantrums like the best of them too! She loves loves loves to be outside.

She just started this great hug where she wraps her arms around your neck and snuggles in and holds on tight. It is the BEST feeling ever! She talks nonstop and always has something to say.

Most of it is gibberish but she tosses in a real word every once in a while to keep you listening. Smart girl!

I should also mention that two of my favorite nearly five year olds are active and busy as well. They are managing to be the best big brothers these girls could ask for. If the girls wake up and I can't get to them right away, the boys will go in and entertain. They read together. They sing together. They yell together. It's adorable...most of the time. I can't wait to see this bond as they get older.

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