Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Love the Fair

Man, we love the fair! Although this might have been the roughest year for the girls. They aren't quite old enough to do anything, but they are old enough to realize they are missing out entirely.

The kids and I went on Friday and enjoyed a rather crowd-free day and saw the animals and enjoyed the fair atmosphere. We happened to walk by the Tractor Pull and since it was free the boys entered. The boys seemed to have a great time and Thomas won! He didn't win anything, but both boys received a ribbon and were thrilled!

We went again tonight as a family and it was everything we hoped it could be. The girls were finally allowed onto the carousel which made their entire night. Thomas and Joshua entered the Tractor Pull again and THOMAS WON AGAIN! That kid is amazing. He ended by pulling 100 pounds nearly 20 feet. So cool to watch! He even got to have a face-off with Ziggy (the sponsor) and in the end won a gift certificate to Fast Kart and Papa Murphys. Woo hoo! Go Thomas!

We also let the boys do Mutton Bustin'. So fun to watch. Thomas loved it. Joshua said he *might* do it next year. He was pretty traumatized by the mouthful of dirt he recieved. I bet he'll do it next year. Even though Katie and Molly are too young, they've already expressed interest too! :)

Such a great night! So much fun! It's fun to watch their little faces light up with excitement over things big and small. It's those moments that being a parent is so much fun! Hooray for the fair!

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