Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let the Sports Begin

We knew this time of life would come. We hoped we had more time, but alas, it has come already. The boys have chosen different sports. Thomas chose soccer, Joshua chose ballet. Luckily they are on different times on different days, but I have a feeling it will be a bit crazy for a while.

Today was Thomas' first day of soccer. We were unsure how he'd do since he's registered in the 5-year old bracket (he's soooo close to 5!) and since he's never played organized soccer before. He did amazingly. Followed directions, practiced some skills, and then scored two goals during the game! Woo hoo! So much fun to watch. He said he had fun too which is the best part.

As for the other kids. We're figuring all that out. We realized we can bribe Joshua with the apps on our phones. Now we have to figure out how to bribe the girls for an hour. Slowly but surely, we get the kinks figured out!

Next up? Ballet on Monday!

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Allison said...

So much fun! We only have three in sports compared to the four you will eventually have, but it keeps us hopping. James did soccer and Hip-Hop last year, and he loved both. This year, he really wanted to take tap, but it coincided with soccer practice. Pressed to make a choice, he chose soccer, but we're hoping to start tap up after the soccer season. Have fun being a spectator!