Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Genetics Once Again

Gentically speaking, my kids are easy to pair up....

That means that Joshua's pair is Dan. Looks how much they look alike! Thomas' pair is Molly. And Katie's pair is me. We all have a pair. Those easy traits aside, there are some other genetic traits that the kids all have too. Joshua and Katie can both pop their jaws in and out of joint just like Auntie Kim. Thomas is super mole-y, just like the Domrese side of the family. What did they get from my side? We found out a little bit today!

I took Joshua into a pediatric Opthamologist. After the golf-club incident his eye would randomly swell and droop, like this...

The eye exam itself was rather interesting. They did lots of fun stuff with letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. Josh kind of enjoyed himself. The dialating of the eye was definitely his least favorite. I decided to attempt the appointment myself as my mom and Dan both had a meeting. I'm not sure how I thought I'd get through the 2 hours, but I was sure I could do it. 5 minutes into the appointment, I knew I was wrong. After Thomas expressed interest in attending school and separating from brother I frantically started searching for someone to come get him and take him to school. Thankfully, preschool mom pal Michelle picked him up and I was down one kiddo. My mom walked in (she should've been wearing a cape) and saved my hide. The girls were very crabby, cried a lot, and hated life in general. But with two adults instead of one, it was at least manageable.

Joshua did a great job and got his eyes dialated and was amazing. He went to school and had a great day.

The results? Joshua may have temporary nerve damage due to the golf club incident. He will be reevaluated in 3 months.

The genetic marker of the day? Joshua is color-blind. At least with red/green. I have wondered since he was very young, but it's so hard to test kids that young. But because dad is color-blind I've known it was a possibility. They'll test Thomas in August as he has a 50/50 chance too.

Guess my kids got some Richards-genes after all!

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Carissalayla said...

my husband is color blind, he sometimes buys dress shirts that are purple but he thinks they are navy, poor guy, but really no one even know he is!