Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let's Go Swimming, Swimming at the Pool...

Another awesome night at the Y.M.C.A!

The kids love it there! I can finally leave the girls in childcare and exercise and then pick them up and take them all swimming. I took my camera for the first part (the shallow water) and then had to tuck it away so I could swim with the kids in the deep water.

The kids all wear lifejackets in the deep water unless we are intentionally practicing swimming or some sort of skill with them (we are just too outnumbered!). Here are the highlights of this visit.

1) Katie discovered that if I let go of her, her lifejacket would immediately float her on her back. She found this hilarious and asked me to do it over and over again, to which I obliged. Every single time she went to her back she let out this shriek and laugh in total delight. Adorable. Apparently the lifeguard did not think so, as she shushed Katie several times. I did not respond except to keep letting Katie do it. (Sorry people, do not have fun, this is a pool after all..serious business). :)

2) Joshua wanted to practice swimming (he's very early stages but does great). He swims a lot like his mama. We do the drowning motion, but we actually move forward while doing it. It's quite funny actually. So I stood about 5 feet away from the edge, he would push off, swim to me, turn around and swim back .The lifeguard (a different one) came over and asked Joshua to wear his lifejacket again. I explained that I understood his fear (Joshua really does thrash around but his head stays above water), but that I was right there and how else was he going to get better at swimming. The lifeguard seemed a little more at ease knowing that I was indeed watching him.

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