Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RFP with MIH

I made some of my best friends while at college. Our close friends had a baby, Maliya. She was my best friend. We did everything together (in fact her dad was a groomsman in our wedding, her mom a bridesmaid, and she, at the tender age of nearly 3, was a flowergirl).

Somehow, the years passed and now she's going into junior high and I have four kids of my own. And yet, we remain as close as we can. Last week we went to Riverfront Park together. The boys adore her. The girls even adore her (rare for the girls to adore anyone). We stayed as long as possible and had a great time.

I miss my moments with her as she is growing up. I love that we still get to spend time together. And I love the though time has passed, she still holds that special place in my heart.

Maliya, Thomas and Katie in the strawberry ride.

Thomas and Joshua ride in the spinning strawberries:

Maliya and Katie:

Thanks Maliya, for spending the day with us! We loved every minute!

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