Thursday, February 23, 2012

New School. New Events.

Our first school-wide event since we switched schools. Tonight was "Passport to Reading" night. It was a lot of fun! The kids got a "passport" and we went from room to room listening to people read to the kids. At the end of the session they got their "passport" stamped and an autograph if desired.

Our first stop was with the LC Cheerleaders and their mascot (which the kids loved) a tiger. The kids could've cared less about the story with a tiger in the room, and yet, it was really fun.

Our next stop was with the Build-A-Bear mascot. The kids don't know what Build-A-Bear is (and don't YOU tell them unless you provide them with the experience!). :) Nonetheless, the bear was a hit, and the story was again non-important because of an animal in the room. :)

We then went to the next room where we listened to the author Kenn Nesbitt. I'd never heard of him before. It was AMAZING!!!!! He was soooooo good. Entertaining, funny, listened to all Joshua's comments (and there were a lot). The kids really relished every moment of this. In fact, after it was all said and done I  made Dan run to the car and grab the cash I had in my purse (and let me tell you, that me having cash is the rarest thing of all...I NEVER carry cash) so we could purchase a book and have him sign it.

It was a really really great event. The kids had a blast and were exhausted by the end. They were all entertained in one way or another. We got to hang out at school and socialize with other friends and family. A great time.

And now, they are all asleep. But Katie is CRASHED! I've never seen her sleep like this (and I find it rather eery to be honest).

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