Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Ah, Easter. What a great season. The kids know the story of Easter and why we celebrate it and that makes this holiday just that much more fun. This year was quite difference due to Dan's absence (more on that in May posts). We tried to fill the weekend so we would miss him less (didn't work, but kept us really busy!).

The weekend before we participated in the Twin's Club Easter Party. So much fun to hang out with all our twin (or more) friends!

We dyed eggs with Ba (Auntie Kim):

With the help of our friends, we did an Easter Egg Hunt:

We spent a lot of time with both of my brother's and the kids played with their cousins. We had Easter-eve dinner with the Domrese grandparents, including the traditional Cinnabons and Hollandaise sauce. This year Joshua and Kierra performed a song and then Thomas performed his own (all filled with love for Jesus and the reason for the season). Cute!

Easter morning we spent the day at my parents with cousins again! The kids had a great time.

**My camera broke right before Easter, so I have to wait for pictures from other people!!! AUGH!

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