Thursday, April 12, 2012


The girls 3rd birthday is next week, the boys are turning 6 1/2. Sounds like it's time for some PICTURES!!!!! These turned out absolutely adorable. Prepare yourself....

How old do they look?! They are such big kids!
 Joshua has just the sweetest face.
 Thomas has the face that never changes! He looks so old!
 Katie did such a great job at posing. This picture is a little misleading as to her true personality!
 They caught her CRINKLE nose! So cute! One of my faves!
 The girls, 3 years old.
 Katie. Cutie patootie.
 Molly.Such a doll!
 My little Easter bunnies! Molly was pretty done at this point and ready for her promised treat. :)
 We are one cool crew!
And if you happen to be reading this Great Grandma Alice (because I know you read the blog!), your pictures are going in the mail tomorrow!!!!

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