Friday, July 27, 2012

Independence Day 2012

Independence day is a predictable day for us. River and fireworks.

This year we asked our friend's Lauren & Phil with daughter Sami out to the river to hang with us. Uncle David also came out for some quality time at the river. Here are some highlights.

The kayaks are always a big hit.

Swimming is also a big hit.

And then the beach provides entertainment too.

If not at the beach, the toys by the house are fun too.
(But take your eyes off them one second and you can be surprised at what they come up with!)

The annual fourth of July picture.

Uncle David is an absolute favorite!!! (The boys even got to go for a ride in his jeep!)

The end of the night was spent with cousins at grandma Patti's work watching fireworks. (The girls didn't make it that late, but the boys had a blast!!)

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