Saturday, July 28, 2012

STP 2012

Another great year of cheering daddy on for his bike ride from Seattle to Portland. Of course, we took the short route and met him in Portland at the finish line!

On the way to Portland we stopped at Hood River (my personal favorite stop)
Our sand castle

Dan didn't get into the finish line until 11:30 PM. BUT, we had our signs made and met him nonetheless. I won't try to say that we were all awake though.

We stopped at Hood River again on the way home. This time it was colder and we were all exhausted, but we never turn down sand and sun!

Nothing happier than a boy and his stick.

Caught another awesome Molly pose.


We proclaim this island "Domrese Island" and we shall stake it for our own.

Just a brisk walk on the beach.

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