Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cherish the Moments

You might think that the phrase "cherish the moments" applies mostly to parents and their children. But not in our house. Today Thomas was having a moment because his sisters were being annoying. I pulled him up on my lap and we had a chat.

I explained that after this summer he and Joshua will be in school full-time and that they will never ever get this time back. The girls will miss them and get bigger and life will change. But this precious.

I told him how I hope and pray that I played and enjoyed my time with my brother when we were this age. Thomas asked me, "Do you miss him?" I replied, "Yes. Very much. We use to do so much together. But now we're married and have families. Life changes." His eyes welled up with tears and he gave me a big hug.

I explained that when I was a kid I thought my brother was annoying too. And even more, that he thought I was annoying too!!! When I asked, "Can you believe that?" Joshua eagerly jumped in the conversation to say, "Yes!I can believe it. You are annoying. Like when you talk...." Um.....thanks Joshua! He went on to say that it was annoying when I talked to other adults and he wanted to talk to me too. :)

I told the boys to cherish the moment. Love those girls. Those two little girls look at the boys with such big and happy eyes. They miss Thomas and Joshua while they are at school. The reunion is so sweet. But right now, it's summer, the girls are little, and this is the time to really love each other and enjoy our time together.

You might think that "cherish the moment" applies to parents and children but it doesn't. It applies to everyone. Cherish this moment. Whatever it is. Whomever your with. You won't get this moment back.

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