Friday, August 24, 2012


The kids have never been to Silverwood. This year they got free tickets from school for completing some reading time. It was a blast! We arrived at opening and stayed until closing. 10 hours at the park (not including driving time). So much fun.

The airplanes were a big hit.
This was the boys' first ever big kid roller coaster. And their last (for now). Oops. Thomas said it was fun, but his face on the ride said otherwise. Here's Joshua and Dan before pulling out.

We did many many other rides, and ended the pre-lunch rides with Thunder Canyon, the 8 person raft that goes through the rapids. Molly calls it "bumper boats" and she will cry if you ask her about it. She hated it. Oops.

We ate a picnic lunch and then changed into swimsuits and headed to the waterpark portion. Katie LOVES the water now. She went down the small slides head first!

The boys did the big slides and really really enjoyed them. Then Dan took turns taking the boys on the tube rides while I did the lazy river with the other kids. It was pretty great. The boys would just swim the river and enjoy the current. Katie wouldn't get out of the water! She was right there with the boys! Molly floated on a tube happily, until I let her tip over accidentally, then she didn't like it so much. Oops.

After the waterpark closed, we changed again and went back to the rides.

Molly rode the carousel on a horse named Bob. She was so happy.

The girls really enjoyed the "Frog Hopper."
We were there until it was really dark. But the kids had a blast. We can't wait for next year!

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