Friday, August 24, 2012

Library Time

Because we like to keep the library operating with our late fees, we also partake in the many awesome programs the library offers. During the summer there are weekly events that my kids are finally old enough to go to!

We went to Japanese Drumming. It was awesome. I won't lie. The girls were not impressed. They fell asleep and slept through the entire presentation with loud drumming. Silly girls.

We went to an "Animals at Night" presentation. The kids were fascinated. I'll have to get the pictures of my phone, but Joshua helped during the owl presentation and Thomas helped at another part. Really fun!

We also saw a magician. The boys thought it was hilarious. And they learned tons of great stuff. I learned to check the girls when I tell them to dress themselves. Halfway through the magic show, as Molly was rolling around on the floor in front of me, another mom exclaimed, "Oh my!" I look down and Molly is going commando. In a dress. With her legs high in the air. Whoops. We had a quick discussion about sitting properly when not wearing underwear (is there such a thing?). I learned to check before we leave. :)

We ended with a karate presentation which was more like a lesson. The kids absolutely loved it. They practiced stances, phrases, and breaking boards. They all want to take karate lessons now!

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